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SQL Cardfile Program

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SQL Cardfile is a simple card file database using SQLite as the backend. It is very similar in layout to the sort of cards that would be found in an old-fashioned library card catalogue. It is designed to be simple to use but versatile enough to fit a range of situations. All that you need to do is define the fields you want on the card (and their type) and you are ready to go.

If you need to create a complex database, need different layouts or need functions then this is not going to be a suitable solution for you.


SQL Cardile is a stand-alone program that allows you to access the databases that you may have created using the Mozilla extension version. It has all of the features of the other version but does not require Firefox or SeaMonkey.


This software is available for use under an End-User License Agreement that you are required to abide by. If you feel that this agreement is unreasonable do not make use of this product.

License: Free. Donations are welcome.

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Windows Installer
MD5: 62c07b773fb678735cf0bf02d16febf2
SHA1: 9125550e979ea704776b8ce853f202cba6905fff
Windows ZIP File
MD5: 5d10d824c496bebac1ccf9b91a1b512a
SHA1: fbbfa93ec4d55e3140ded43e135a43d622b50f8e
Linux - 32bit ZIP File
MD5: 31ad747b8b6a4c30fa026c24c00ae4c9
SHA1: 3c4d78fe8f247c41319635c373b2625479595beb
Linux - 64bit ZIP File
MD5: 75ec41c7cce11cc5ff5db65941a55410
SHA1: 67fddcc316bb57040eeace047174f4319cbac8ae


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