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Mozilla Extensions

CardDAV Browser

CardDAV Browser gives you a quick and easy way to connect to a CardDAV server and view vCard details.

Web Server Check Tool

This utility allows you to perform a range of tests on web and DAV servers to check their functionality. The currently supported checks are: HEAD, OPTIONS, PROPFIND, REPORT and SEARCH (in custom query only) and you can now specify your own custom query.

Custom Characters

Define up to 20 custom characters from Unicode for quick and easy input.

Easy Unicode Input

Allows quick and easy use of Unicode characters.

Insert Unicode

Insert Unicode characters at the text cursor location.

SQL Cardfile

SQL Cardfile is a simple card file database using SQLite as the backend. It is very similar in layout to the sort of cards that would be found in an old-fashioned library card catalogue. It is designed to be simple to use but versatile enough to fit a range of situations.