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Dir List 2

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Dir List 2 is a useful utility to list all of the files and/or folders in a chosen directory and, if you want, all sub-directories. Please try the program and, if you like it, purchase a license using the button below. Thank you.


This software is available for use under an End-User License Agreement that you are required to abide by. If you feel that this agreement is unreasonable do not make use of this product.

License: $5 each (Australian Dollars) or use the contact form to request a quote for a site license.

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Windows Installer
MD5: 8fb2da14b2380ee24b983e233453a4b7
SHA1: 3bdfeedb7004c8f1f32e1bde2de796f3ea2858cc
Windows ZIP File
MD5: e8c2a9c1088c4817f4e5e6ac2bbcacc4
SHA1: 5d274aeb537439a0390cc420bb9c91d1fe854a37
Linux - 32bit ZIP File
MD5: 8797dd1ea9d91ff29d5a62f770579474
SHA1: c2dbb5295c6dc6060660d9b4a7fc4248807cdcad
Linux - 64bit ZIP File
MD5: 97032efee57b72a1b1896ab6a3fb5864
SHA1: 8ddde9dd9419f4bcfed3f1cd9c7610a6b7b3a520


Dir List 2